Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Creative Bush Tucker Cooking

We attended the Trundle Bush Tucker Day on 1st September 2007, and were among other things extremely impressed with the variety of cooking apparatus. Here's a selection for you to check out.
First up we have what could be described as a on oven made out of fencing wire and foil, covering a hunk of beef on a spear - in the format of a cooking spit.

Next is the Trundle equivalent of a New Zealand hungie. The cook wrapped a chunk of beef in foil, and this in turn was pplaced in a hessian bag and burried under the ground in some coals. Three hours later out came one of the most succulently cooked bits of beef imaginable.

And here's the Trundle equivalent of a Chinese restaurant, complete with dual plough disc woks.

To finish off, here is a quite unique structure for cooking kebabs ... a large C section piece of black steel on a stand, filled with coals at just the right height to keep turing the kebabs until cooked to taste.
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