Monday, 6 August 2007

Update on Ochre Arch Monitoring Sites

In Feburary I psoted an article describing the establishment of 4 monitoring sites on Ochre Arch. See

It's now almost 6 months since the photographs in the above blog site were taken. Since then we have had no stock on the place and there have been several rainfall events - resulting in the growth of various grass species coupled with a substantial increase in the level of groundcover. Given this I've taken a new set of photographs, some of which appear below.

For each of the 4 sites (sequentially 1 through 4) I've included below a landscape view looking east from exactly the same location as those taken in February. When looking at the landscape views it needs to be borne in mind that the seasons are totally different - now winter as opposed to mid-summer, and as I say there has been no stock on the property. Thus it is not reasonable to directly draw conclusions based on comparisions of the photographs.

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