Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Ochre Arch History Part 1 – Introduction

I’ve decided to write and publish a series of blog articles that outline the history of the property that Jan and I own. The main sources of information include copies of papers prepared by members of the Grenfell Historical Society in 1967 (kindly provided to me by local resident, Ed Livingstone last month), copies of other documentation that my father, Bruce, had assembled over the years (including copies of old Parish of Maudry maps, title deeds and aerial photographs), discussions with some of the local residents such as Ian Pitt and Harvey Matthews, and accessing some web sites.
The frustrating part of researching anything is that the more one learns the more one wants to know. Consequently I’ve created a separate Word document listing the major questions I still have and in time will hopefully get some of them answered. From the perspective of the blog articles this means I may make later revisions.
In the interest of trying to maintain some level of personal sanity I’ve elected NOT to convert land areas from acres, to hectares. Readers can do this by multiplying the acre figures I quote by 0.404685642. Or as a rough and ready guide, you could simply divide the acres figures by 2.5.
In developing the property history I’ve also learned quite a bit about some of the neighbouring properties. Where I mention these properties it is only done to give context to how our own property and the local community developed.
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