Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Author Anthony Trollope - Some trivia

In my last blog I mentioned that during the 1870s Frederick Trollope, son of English novelist Anthony Trollope, owned "Mortray Station" which adjoined "Pinnacle run" to the east.
Jan studied Anthony Trollope's book, 'The Warden', when at University and still has a copy of it. In the Introduction section of The Warden it quotes Trollope's biographer, Michael Sadleir as saying the following about him (in part) "It is true that his flavour is as agreeable to contemporary mentality as it was repellent to the eighteen-eighties; that his candor and his lack of afectation are grateful to an epoch which inevitably is an epoch of reaction from elaborate trifling". I really needed to know that!!
Anyway, Anthony Trollope was an extremely prolific writer of great fame and is also attributed with inventing the famous pillar (red mail) boxes in the United Kingdom. Wikipedia has a detailed write up on Anthony Trollope at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Trollope#Biography

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