Thursday, 2 January 2014

Review of 2013 Rainfall

Our impression was that 2013 was, overall, a dry year. With 2014 upon us it is a good opportunity to check the data and do a brief analysis of the 2013 rainfall results to see what actually happened.

Some context:

  • The summer of 2012/3 was particularly dry
  • The previous two summers were very wet
  • Our long term average rainfall is around 600 mm per annum, spread evenly over each month (50 mm per month)
  • We tend to have more rainfall event days during the cooler months, but higher falls per event during the hotter months
  • 2006 was one of the driest on record at a total of about 265 mm
To the 2013 figures:
  • Total rainfall received was 385 mm. This is roughly 2/3rds of the long term average.
  • Thus overall 2013 WAS a dry year
  • Total for the summer months was  31.5 mm (average 10.5 per month) ... dry
  • Total for autumn was 114.5 mm (average 38 per month) ... dry
  • Total for winter was 169 mm (average 56.3 per month) ... a tad above average
  • Total for spring was 70 mm (average 23.3 per month) ... dry
If we define a significant rainfall event as one where we receive 25 mm or more (half the monthly long term average figure) then:
  • There were (only) 4 significant rainfall events during 2013
  • They were: 70 mm on 1 March, 42.5 mm on 2 June, 28 mm on 19-20 July, and 36.5 mm on 16-18 September
  • The year was one where rainfall was predominant during the cooler months
  • A pretty good year for those growing winter crops
  • Not so bright for us graziers


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Here's a link to the Bureau of Meteorology's 2013 Climate Summary: