Saturday, 19 October 2013

Aboriginal Heritage Site Recording Application

We registered the ochre arch on our farm some years ago on the Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System (AHIMS), colloquially pronounced 'aims'. The process was very much paper based, cumbersome and it took a few years for the registration to be lodged in the database.

Yesterday we received a courtesy email from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage informing us about the recent release of 'the new Site Recording Android application', following the earlier release of an iPhone application. By the look of things both applications will make recording of aboriginal heritage sites much simpler and more accurate, with all key information collected on site.

Here's a link to the website were the application and process is explained: AHIMS Site Recording forms.


Jaqi Pascoe said...

What do you know about Aboriginal activities around or connected to the Ochre Arch, Phillip? Are there any other Indigenous heritage sites on your property?

Phillip Diprose said...

We are not aware of any particular activities connected with the Arch, Jaqi. There is a very large tree that has had a large piece of bark removed - and best advice is that it would be been used for either shelter or a burial site cover. There is also an early white settler modified tree here as well.