Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Peron's Tree Frogs in Big Numbers on Ochre Arch

The continuing comparative wet conditions have been a catalyst for the increase in frog numbers here on the farm. It was only yesterday with the help of our friend Tamara G that we learned that the main species we are seeing (especially in the outside loo and in some of the new poly tanks) is Peron's Tree Frog (Litoria peroni). Here's a link to a website that provides more information. Those reading this who live in or have visited south east Australia might like to click on the 'Hear it now' link ... and may recognise the call of these critters.
We do find it curious that these are tree frogs given we find them in wetlands and pasture ... but stranger things have happened. Maybe they do spend much of their time in trees. They certainly move around quite a bit, and find our mobile stock troughs quickly after each move.
The photo was taken a few days ago at one of our stock water troughs.

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