Friday, 10 November 2006

View Satellite Imagery of NSW Free

In this morning's edition of The Weekly Bundle produced by the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority the following article appeared:

"View Satellite Imagery FREE
The Department of Lands (DOL) have recently published whole of NSW SPOT 5 satellite imagery on their website. You can link to this free site via the web address below and click on the Imagery tab., then "click here" under Lands Spatial information exchange to see the Spot5 images.

You may have to download some small image viewing software that will allow you to view .ecw images, but after this is installed, you can view any Spot 5 satellite image in the state. The response is impressively fast and allows you to view your farm, your town or your catchment."

I spent a bit of time checking out the site and was pretty impressed with what's available.

A user can search for locations based on aspects such as Address, Lot/DP (this is what works the best for finding rural properties I think), Catchment Management Authority, Suburb, City/Town/Suburb and Local Government Areas.

There are also several different display images on the landscape available, such as colour satellite photographs, topographic maps, Landsat Imagery and Multispectral satellite imagery. I confess that I do not understand what these last 2 are ... but would like to ... the different coluors of the landscape are quite marked and raise many questions in the context of making land management decisions.

Readers living outside NSW who would like a property to check out can email me at and I'll give you the Lot & DP (Deposited Plan) numbers for Ochre Arch to work with.

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