Tuesday, 25 April 2006

What's Ochre Archives all about?

G'day there
In September 2005 we had a visit to our farm at Grenfell in New South Wales from Sue Hudson who is a fully qualified Aboriginal archaeologist. She discovered, much to our delight, that the arch you can see in the photo is made for ironstone and was mined underneath by Aborigines when they lived in the area to obtain ochre for colouring. The name of our property at the time was the same as a city in Ohio in the USA ... and was thus a bit too American sounding for us Aussies. We'd been searching for a new name for the place that was both unique and reflective of some physical characteristic. And thus "Ochre Arch" came to light ... and we have now formally changed the property name.
Since buying "Ochre Arch" we have made many other discoveries, and recently created a newsletter which we've called Ochre Archives. We sent copies to family, friends and acquaintances and the feedback has been excellent. One of the receivers of the newsletter (who calls himself "Griffeaux") liked it so much he has motivated us to create a blog site. Our intention is to publish all sorts of stuff that we learn - mostly about the farm, but also covering stuff in general that we pick up as we continue to travel through the 'rich tapestry of life'.So we are now on our way ... and hope readers enjoy what we publish. Feedback is most welcome!!

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